Premiere: Zoon celebrate new album’s release with video for ‘Dodem’

You may remember we covered a couple of singles from Andrew McLeod, whose new album as Sunnsetter was released at the end of last month – if you were into that then chances are you’ll be into this also. If you didn’t know, they play drums in Zoon. the project fronted by Toronto’s Daniel Monkman. They released their debut album Bleached Wavves in 2020, and they’re back with a gorgeous new record. To coincide with that, we’re premiering the video for new single ‘Dodem’, directed by Lea Rose Sebastianis & shot and edited by Nate Wilson.

Expanding on the song, Monkman says: “In Ojibway, ‘dodem’ means the clan you’re from. I’m from the Ma’iingan clan, wolf clan. I wanted to honour that word because I learnt a lot about where I come from. I wrote ‘dodem’ while living on the reservation with my father. He had taken me in during one of my worst relapses and I felt very vulnerable but used my time there to write. I remember clearly my uncle saying ‘that’s a hit!,’ I remember thinking, maybe a rez hit.”

It’s a lush, cinematic song that extends to five-and-a-half minutes, fading in before a sumptuous string arrangement, scored by Owen Pallett and performed by the FAMES Orchestra, gradually reveals itself. It’s heavy on details and nuance, and it’s an absolute delight. Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth pops up elsewhere on ‘Niizh Manidoowig (2 Spirit)’ – let’s just say you’ll be hearing more from those two soon.

In the meantime, Bekka Ma’iignan is out today via Paper Bag Records.

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