Track: Lolo, and listen to her track Weapon for Saturday

I was a very shy youth at school. Just when I changed school to secondary school, someone (accidentally) whacked me around the head with a golf club, and I ended up in hospital for weeks, and then not allowed to go to school in the afternoons for several months. Even worse, I lost large parts of my memory (I had taken French, and couldn’t remember a single word of it) could speak for a while, and had a shaved head and a huge scar (well, it seemed huge to me) across one side of my head.

I arrived at secondary school therefore, looking like a weedy thug, who didn’t speak much (ignorant child) and either didn’t know or wouldn’t answer questions in his lessons. I therefore became very introverted and shy. Luckily, it passed, but I still get friend requests from people on Facebook, saying ‘apparently we were in the same class at school together….’

One person who isn’t suffering from a lack of confidence is Brooklyn‘s Lolo. Firstly she’s managed to persuade (or at least, her people have convinced his people) Dr. Dre / Eminem affiliate Mark Batson to work with her on her debut (yes, debut) single. One of the things that immediately comes through is this confidence, a swagger almost if you will. Her smokey Winehouse come Del Rey vocal is impressive, and the song as a whole is a supremely catchy, rootsy electro-pop song of the highest quality.

I for one, will be shouting about it from the rooftops. Well, when I say shouting, I mean whispering it. Out of my kitchen window.

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