Film Review: Where You’re Meant To Be

If you know who Aidan Moffat is you’ll already have a good idea what to expect when it comes to tone from Where You’re Meant To Be. The irascible Falkirk singer is best know for his time performing with Malcolm Middleton in Scottish indie band Arab Strap. After they split in 2006 he continued to create, both as a solo artists and in collaborations. His latest album, Where You’re Meant To Be is a departure for him and the subject of Paul Fegen’s documentary of the same name.

Aidan Moffat is a metropolitan animal. He’s never been a fan of the countryside or connected with the Scottish traditions and folk conventions which have been passed down through generations. However, he’s reached that stage in life where he wants to embrace his heritage, deciding to take traditional songs and give them a new lease of life by setting them in his world. After re-writing and recording an album he embarks on a tour of the country to spread his message. Sheila Stewart, a balladeer and part of travelling folk royalty, is not impressed.

Whilst much of the tone of Where You’re Meant To Be is light, there are darker undertones bubbling beneath the surface. It’s filled with Moffat’s acerbic, wry and often dark humour, but the slow death of a part of the nation’s culture and his relationship with Sheila Stewart put a more sombre slant on proceedings. Fegen has made an excellent documentary which is thought provoking and amusing in equal measure.

Where You’re Meant To Be screens at Sheffield Doc/Fest on June 12 and opens around the country on June 17.

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