Track: Crash & The Crapenters blast out a cathartic dose of reality in their track ‘We’re All In This Alone’

Crash & the Crapenters don’t like you very much. Not you personally but the general world out there. The world of sheep and platitudes. And they don’t like the world of cheesy optimism, blank-eyed obedience and pre-digested mass consumption. The cynical title of their new song says it all really – ‘We’re All In This Alone’. I suppose in a way it reflects that famous Monty Python mass voicing of ‘We’re All Individuals’. Still, I cannot emphasise enough how refreshing a bit of molten cynicism is, and it is no better delivered than by this band of miscreants with a name that makes you look twice and a tongue planted firmly in the cheek.

‘We’re All In This Alone’ is a satisfyingly vituperative blast of anger – as good punk should be – in an unashamedly broad Australian diction and a wall of blistering, searing sound. While the words are inspired by the inane self-help advice of luminaries like Ben Lee during lock down (an Australian musician who achieved a modicum of international fame), Crash & the Crapenters’ targets are wide. In fact the title was going to be “Ben Lee F@ck Off, You’re Making Me Feel Worse’ but the remit expanded. A loveable mixture of roguery and compassion, and according to the band,

‘We’re All In This Alone’ is the first instalment in Crash & The Crapenters ‘Great Singles Bonanza’ of 2021! Over the course of four singles, (we are) chronicling (our) journey to the depths of despair during lockdown and then back to light! ‘We’re All In This Alone’ deals with the human race’s inhumane treatment of both each other, and our animal population, and the price we’re all paying for it!

So deep down, you know Crash & The Crapenters care: they just hate all the superficialities that blight the world and thunder out a some harsh realities with a touch of humour. And at the end of the day, you want to be in their gang when the barricades go up:

Old school is where you want to be educated. You can download/stream this cannonball here.

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