Track: Offshore Projects deliver a wistful indie pop anthem in ‘Early Morning’

Offshore Projects is the solo work of one Jonas Nicholls, formerly of Sydney indie pop band SURES. His single ‘The Way I Fear’ reviewed earlier this year served notice that Nicholls was a bright firmant in the skies, and his new track ‘Early Morning’ provides irrefutable evidence for the prosecution.

It is a sweetly flowing track that gurgles like a brook with energy and vitality – Nicholls’s voice is threaded with a wistful yearning that contrasts nicely with the instrumentation and the steady restless pace. It is another perfect dream pop production overflowing with a sweet melody and air of romanticism. Nicholls says of the track:

This song is a real positive note for me. It’s about feeling excited and content being on the same page as someone else, even when you’re apart from each other. It really contrasts the other songs on the EP by pushing past the anxiousness for a change.

Another lovely delight from Offshore Projects:

The track is out now through Visceral Arts and can be downloaded/streamed here.

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