Track: Down for Tomorrow release the driving punk anthem ‘Good Person’: a welcome blast of positivity

Sydney-based band Down for Tomorrow have just released an anthemic and thundering single ‘Good Person’ that shouts a positive message in an effervescent quite/loud blast. It is a song of many parts – reflective verses that are smashed aside by a vaulting chorus and razor-sharp guitars. The track takes a massive turn half way through for a moment with a heavy full-throated death metal roar before pulling back. It’s a very cathartic ride.

With a punk ethic and a wall of blasting guitars, it is an exciting release designed to be played loud. The band says:

The song is about understanding that we are responsible for our own lives, how we treat people, and how we reflect our truest thoughts. More than ever now, it’s important to love everyone and treat people with kindness. You never know what someone might be going through.

Wise words for our times and a really welcome blast of positivity. You can stream/download the single through your choice of providers here or through the link below. You can catch the band live in April/May on the East Coast of Australia – details here.

Feature Photograph: Robbie Walcott

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