See: Adam Green reveals new video for Freeze My Love

Adam Green has announced his new album, Engine of Paradise, will be released on September 6th via 30th Century Records and will be accompanied by his first graphic novel, exploring the same themes as the upcoming album, it’s a psychedelic war epic called “War and Paradise” set in the colorful universe of his film “Adam Green’s Aladdin.”

Green, formally 50% of The Moldy Peaches, says of the new track “Freeze My Love” is like a road trip song where your Corvette is a JPG filled with flesh cruising towards a blockchain horizon. I think it’s a pretty song, I wish there was a radio station that played it continuously.” There’s a certain childlike quality about it, simple in its ideas it’s dressed up in a expansive orchestral arrangement, which serves to highlight just how catchy it is.

When talking about the video Adam adds, “I filmed this video while constructing a huge papier mache “Pizza Beach” installation for The Museum of Pizza in Brooklyn. A lot of the statues we built are characters from my upcoming graphic novel “War and Paradise” – the Rabbi of Regular Town and the bathers that purify their souls in sex-therapy sessions on the beaches of paradise. You’ll also see in the video I had a superb crew of friends helping me with the artwork, all NY stars in their own right! Thanks to Erin Axtell, Marcel Castenmiller, Michael Cummings, Matthew Hitt, Joshua Hubbard, and Jesse Kotansky for their assistance. Doing stuff like this is the meaning of life for me!”

Check it out, here

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  1. June 6, 2019

    Really cool song, and lovely voice.

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