Following on from Stick It Up, which we fell for previously, the Mark Lanegan Band have released a new track, Playing Nero, in the run up to the released of the band Somebody’s Knocking in October.

It’s Lanegan at his introspective best, his lived in voice offering up a rather melancholy tale. As he says  “Sietse van Gorkom, who has been an important part of my creative circle since 2013, writing charts and playing strings as well as touring and writing with me on occasion, sent me the music for this tune. I wrote the words in twenty minutes, having just received some unhappy news that informed the lyrics and began a healing process.”

Underneath, there’s these gently swirling electronics and simple synth chords, with the bass just taking the lead here and there over the changes giving it some melodic context and sounding like something that might have been on any number of New Order records.

Check it out, here