Track: Wyndow release second single ‘Two Strong Legs’

Two Strong Legs
Wyndow of opportunity

Laura J Martin and Lavinia Blackwell (aka Wyndow) have released the second track from their forthcoming album, the stirring baroque pop of “Two Strong Legs”. Featuring a distinctive video by Jess Swainson, it’s a hopeful message when things are feeling “off” to you in imperceptible ways. “It’s a tune for whacked out worriers lifting weights in the worry gym. Feeling uneasy never felt so easy” says Palmer.

As it follows their previous track “Take My Picture“, it means that the new album is now highly awaited. Managing to sound re-assuring while remaining slightly off-kilter, it’s a quirky piece of pop hailing from a time you can’t quite place. And anyway, I have to recommend a band that was formed at a gig I was at. It’s available now, and you can watch the video here –

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