Taken from her new album ‘The Caretaker’, out this Friday (March 27th) via ANTI- Records, In August is the new track from Nandi Rose, aka Half Wait.

Of the song, Rose says: “‘In August’ tracks the dissolution of a friendship over the course of a year, throughout every season. There’s a particular kind of sadness to a friendship ending when there’s no one to blame, just as there’s something mournful about the inevitable change of weather. Sometimes it’s not a big fight but a gradual growing apart that marks the end – how do we make sense of our role in that? This song is an attempt to recognize and accept mutual culpability in an effort to move on.”

It’s a slow moving, absorbing and melancholy track, the organ accompaniment at the beginning flowering into something much more ambitious, as it becomes a elector torch song by its emotive close.

Check it out, here