Album review: Various Artists: Creation Artifact: The Dawn of Creation Records 1983-85 (Cherry Red)

It’s a shame Creation Records is now known as the home of bloated rock gods Oasis when in reality it was the ground-breaking label that created DIY indie pop. It helps Creation was started by one of music’s genuine mavericks Glaswegian Alan McGee and his genius is celebrated in this lavish 5 CD compilation of his game changing early years.

Yes, there is some tosh like inappropriately named The Legend, but you make history when you stick out classics singles from The Bodines,June Brides, the recently reformed The Loft and a little known Scottish group called Primal Scream. The highlight is the still utterly astonishingly visceral surf pop/feedback fusion of Jesus and Mary’s Chain’s debut Upside Down.

Cherry Red have thrown in bonus CDs full of demos, sessions and live tracks that is an essential tribute to arguably the greatest ever British independent label before Noel and Liam ruined it.

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