Track: Bona Rays – Poser

Way back in the 70’s, there were so many new and undiscovered artists/bands, so many recordings eked out in basements, bedrooms and back street studios, that its not surprising there are some that either never saw the light of day or were passed over and forgotten in time. Bona Rays Poser is one that fell through the cracks and i’ts an absolute stonker of a track. This is punk at its earliest stages, and punk at its DIY finest. Not to be confused with X-Ray Specs – Poser although comparisons could be made here. Along with the edgy one take sound that defined so much that came from the explosion in bands and artist willing to get up and just do it, in the wake of the likes of the Buzzcocks Spiral Scartch EP, is what makes this is perfect punk music at it’s raw best.

What made it doubly remarkable on its release was that it was the only UK punk single fronted by a woman of West Indian descent. It’s release now comes perfectly by chance. After years of the acetate sitting in singer Chas’ cupboard, she was moving house and decided to sell her records. She took them to Flashback Records where owner Mark Burgess bought the collection. In amongst these records was an unknown 7” acetate. After Chas left the shop, intrigued by this oddity, Mark played ‘Poser’ on the shop system. Fate stepped in as Chas walked back into the shop at that moment to sell a few DVDs she’d forgotten to bring along earlier and said – “Oh – you’re playing our song”. 

Mark suggested to Chas that they release the single on Flashback Records. Chas was still in contact with Tony and they both very happily agreed to release Bona Rays long lost ‘Poser’ and the B-Side, Getaway Blues.

It’s out right now on Flashback Records, check it out in all its glory, here

Poser by Bona Rays

Pick it up on glorious 7″ right now, here

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