See: Pie Eye Collective feat. Hector Plimmer – ‘Flibbers’: gloriously subaquatic, rollin’ breaks for a dancefloor in Atlantis

Matthew Gordon, aka Pie Eye Collective, photographed by Emma-Jean Thackray

PIE EYE COLLECTIVE is the solo project of Bristol-born, London-based sound scientist Matthew Gordon, who melds elements of ambient, broken beat, dub-techno and hip hop, all refracted and discoloured via a spectrum of tape-saturated synthesis. 

His influences are many and stylistically diverse, and include Sun Ra, Morton Feldman and Madlib; but he’s also heavily influenced by much outside of music including mathematics, imagery, symbology or history. 

Having recently remixed Rōnin Arkestra’s ‘Tempestuous Temperaments’, Matthew has previously worked and played with Emma-Jean Thackray, Scrimshire, And Is Phi, and South London producer Hector Plimmer; and it’s this latter sonic explorer who himself returns a favour by guesting on Pie Eye Collective’s new single, “Flibbers”, which you can hear below.

A delightful subaquatic journey of the utmost sonic wooziness, it’s the perfect music for a disco somewhere beneath, say, the Med or the Adriatic; maybe staged surrounded by the fallen, broken pillars of Atlantis. It yaws, it pitches, and it absolutely cracks on on an old-skool roll of a break, with schools of bright overtone swimming through.

“Flibbers” was created during the joint sessions that also produced “Stack” and ‘2 Minute Switch‘ from Hector’s 2019 album, Next To Nothing

“Hector is friendly, dedicated, genuine, and a good friend,” Matthew says.

“The track is symbolised by an owl, which is a nod to when Hector once appeared to me as an owl in a dream.”

Pie Eye Collective’s “Flibbers” feat. Hector Plimmer is out now on digital streaming platforms; the forthcoming debut album will be announced for release by Albert’s Favourites later this year. 

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