Track: Phantom Isle – Whip

Phantom Isle cleaned out the cobwebs in my head with their single Marv V which was a blistering, rollocking track with the most explosive bass line heard this century. And if to prove this was no fluke, their new single ‘Whip’ ups the ante even more, if that was possible.

The track explodes from the starting block with clear direction and little restraint: it is unashamedly dance-floor orientated with a funky flash and another killer bass line that just drives the song incessantly forward. It is joyous, exhilarating music that can even cheer up the most dour listener (and I certainly appreciated that!).

It dips, it spins, it recedes and then comes back to hit you with one of those wild flailing abandoned guitar solos. Utterly enthralling.

You need a lie down after listening to this, and then you need to put it on play again, and so on ad infinitum. It’s filthy, it’s funky and so very cool.

You can download/stream the single here.

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