Track: The Ghost of Helags – Night Summer Waiting

Berlin-based duo The Ghost of Helags are accruing a very fine catalogue of delectable indie pop tunes that marry a dream pop fugue over a melancholy melodic delivery. The new single, ‘Night Summer Waiting’ further enhances their reputation.

Singer Teresa Woischiski says of the song:

The song  was written in the heat of this small mountain village on top of a hill in Italy. Completely isolated from society, only reachable via heavy serpentines, almost dangerous to drive in the rain, as the narrow streets get flooded. The only contact with people was the local bar, but everyone wore masks and human contact was almost impossible. There were no visitors, only a few locals who live there. Between Espressos, red wine and the almost unbearable heat of the South, this track emerged. As an outcry. In a feeling of vertigo, isolation, exhilaration and haziness from the heat. From the pain of being denied human touch and belonging.

It has a delicacy of melody that is haunting and enigmatic with Woischiski’s voice providing a gorgeous expressive sheen over the synth pop spine. Repeating the title throughout in the background, infused with a sense of deep yearning and a sepia tinted nostalgia, the song seems to capture a sense of loss and despair before concluding suddenly, leaving you hanging in hope. The track perfectly captures the plight of the isolated and afraid during the COVID 19 crisis. It is a fragile and expressive track:

You can download/stream the track on: SOUNDCLOUD || SPOTIFY || APPLE

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