PREMIERE: Saint Christopher announces debut album with the bruised yet hopeful ‘Winners’

Christopher Kalil went to hell last year. Or maybe everything went to hell for him. He’s not sure exactly how, but the Los Angeles-based former leader of Arms Akimbo is still hanging on. He now operates as Saint Christopher, a project that, with the best will in the world, was launched at the worst time: right before the covid pandemic hit.

Things got worse. This is what Kalil’s debut album Pop Shit is about. He sets the scene on lead single ‘Winners’: “On June 25th. 2021, I got a benign tumor surgically removed. They put me under and I don’t think I ever woke up. I had just lost my job, lost my band, lost my house, and now I could barely move. It was not an ideal situation. I tried my best to get better quick. But patience works better than willpower. The only thing that would heal me was to lie down and wait. Sit with the pain and not try to change it. So that’s what I did. This song is about healing the right way. The hard way.”

Out tomorrow, we’re thrilled to give you a first look at its video. Pop Shit follows on Friday October 7th, so you’ve got a little more waiting to do. Be patient; Kalil knows a thing or two about that.

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