Say Psych: Playlist 22/2016

Autumn is always a busy time of year for new releases, but this year just seems totally off the charts. I’m getting great new music in on a daily basis and its almost impossible to keep up with this. Here’s fifteen new tracks that are well worth hearing, most of which are new to me here at Psych Insight this week. Enjoy!


Vile by Narcosatanicos

“If you like you music safe and unchallenging the steer well clear of this album…you’ll hate it. If, however, the very breakdown of this name Narco-satan-icos, there is definitely a latin influence to this satanic album of death, is something that peaks your interest…if you want to know what it feels like to be on the very edge of a smoking chemically radioactive lava-filled abyss, then stick this baby on and you may never be the same again. Watch your exposure though…that geiger counter is clicking!”

For the full review of the band’s ‘Body Cults’ album, click here.



Shivers by Kill West

“Arguably the key tracks on this EP, however, is the final two ‘Apocalypse City and Pareidolia’, listed together because of the way the one segues into the other. Collectively weighing in at just over ten minutes ‘Apocalypse City’ launches straight into a brilliant groove once more showcasing those Sonic Jesus vocals and ZZ Top guitar. It’s a heavy dirty sound with a psychedelic rhythm that buries itself into your consciousness. Again there’s that new gravity to the band’s sound when, on six minutes everything just pretty much stops and you suddenly find yourself out of the madness of ‘Apocalypse City’ and into ‘Pareidolia’ …

For the full review of the Raw Desire EP click here


Over Hill and Veil by Megaritual

“‘Over Hill and Veil’ continues with the heavy theme where ‘Tatt Tvam Asi’ left off. This is one monster of a track that pounds away at you and, typically of the album, it leaves you in a quandary between just giving in to its charms or figuring out the complex and multi-layers levels of the music. This is because, like all good psychedelic music, it works as an experience and has real depth to it. It is one of those track which you could listen to fifty or more times and still be getting new things out of it.”

For a full review of the ‘Mantra Music’ album click here.


Tajmahal by Camera

I don’t tend to write during the month of August, which means that I occasionally miss what for me are key releases. Once such album that fits into this category this year has been Berlin band Camera’s latest ‘Phantom of Liberty’ (on Bureau B Records). I have liked all of Camera’s releases in the past but this one has moved to a new level for me. The bands take on ‘Krautrock’ has always been convincing, but this new one is utterly thrilling; sonically satisfying and hugely danceable seemingly taking more account of Berlin’s amazing club scene. One of my albums of the year for sure!


Histoire Seule by DTCV

I guess when you’re in LA too you get to rub shoulders with a different sort of person, something which is probably borne out by the fact that the video for the first single on the album was directed by Steven Sonderbergh, his first music video apparently. Hey but don’t feel that’s a reason to hold it against them, its actually pretty cool!

For a full review of the album ‘Confusion Modern’ click here.


Almost See by The Oscillation

Part of a split 10″ (with the ace 10000 Russos) now up for pre-order over at Fuzz Club Records.


Wheels Will Spin (Familiar Haunts) by Jason Simon

Jason Simon, best known for his work as the guitarist and singer for the seminal heavy psych band Dead Meadow, releases his new solo record ‘Familiar Haunts’. On ‘Familiar Haunts’ Jason takes his love of the haun ng Appalachian banjo playing of Dock Boggs and old me Americano Folk music to create a heady mix where wheezing organs come up against Maestro like drum machines and delivers on the weirdness inherent in old folk/country and blues tunes. All the various strains of Cosmic Psychedelia run through the grooves here as you can nd as you dip into the opening cut “The People Dance, The People Sing” where a twanging droning raga like banjo glides into wild tangles of heavy swirling clouds of psych bliss.

The album is available from Cardinal Fuzz (Europe)  and Tekeli-Li Records (North America).


Sweet Relief by Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs

Oh sweet Jesus, the moment I heard this track I just had to go straight to the Rocket Recordings site and pre-order the new album, due out in January. What an absolute monster of a track…first record for my 2017 best of list? Probably.


Where I’m Going by Elephant Stone

Canada’s Elephant Stone release their new album Ship of Fools on 25th November in the UK via Californian label Burger Records.


Hello Malo by Lee Van Cleef

Clearly influenced by bands like Earthless, Black Bombaim, and Electric Moon the three musician have clearly clicked in a serious way to have produced an album that is worthy of comparison to these three terrific bands. The music has that marvellous balance of tightness and improvisation that mark out bands who stand out in the stoner/ space rock bandlands; an area that can be littered with all sorts of debris that often means you cannot see the planets from the asteroids. This band, however, come through like a gas giant…heavy, fluid and impossible to overlook.

For a full review of the band’s self-titled album click here.


Blood by Bagstiv

For fans of: DIIV, Beach House and My Bloody Valentine, check out the band’s Facebook page for more details.


Proxima Centauri by Stupid Cosmonaut

Great new release, out this week…and I think it’s their best yet. This track is beautiful and haunting, think Tangerine Dream and John Carpenter for touchstones. Check out their bandcamp here.


Green Tea by Casual Nun

From ‘Super Fancy Skeleton’ by Casual Nun, released on September 16th, with 100 copies on transparent blue vinyl and 200 copies on black on Hominid Sounds. The band comprises members of Throne, Dethscalator, and Kooba Tercu who come together to make music akin to blending the sonic freakouts of Ash Ra Tempel with 90’s Japanese heavy sounds like Up-Tight or Leningrad Psychedelic Blues Machine. Available from the Hominid Sounds bandcamp here.


Lion’s Den by Marching Church

Copenhagen’s Marching Church is the onetime solo project, but now fully formed band, of Elias Bender Rønnenfelt (lead singer of Iceage). ‘Lion’s Den’ is from the band’s second album, ‘Telling It Like It Is’ released by Sacred Bones Records on  October 28th


Incantation in C by KURO

A beautiful an meditative new album from Cellist Agathe Max and Gareth Turner (Big Naturals).  This is quite difficult to describe their wonderfully atmospheric sound, so just have a listen. Out on Rocket Recordings, the the Kuro bandcamp here for more information.


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