Album Review: Atomikylä – Erkale

Dark, deranged, desolate and darkness are all words that came to mind listening to this first album from Atomikyla, a Finnish band comprising former members of Dark Buddha Rising and Oranssi Pazuzu. All this was before the death growl came in at around nine and a half minutes into the first track, ‘Alkuaineet’, marking the point where the album really starts to get doomy, and outside my window a storm is brewing. Whether one is affecting the other I cannot say but the sudden darkness is providing a fitting atmosphere to this music.

Mixing elements, then, from extreme metal, psychedelic patterns and free jazz this is a melange of styles that it just about held together. It is music that stands on the edge of the precipice. It is music that is contemplating whether to jump into the chaotic abyss. Yet it is also music that has beauty. It could just as equally entice you to jump as push you over the edge.

Erkale was released on 10th October on the Future Lunch label.

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