Say Psych: Premiere: Gunman & The Holy Ghost – Into The Setting Sun

Gunman & The Holy Ghost is Hákon Aðalsteinsson; a talented front man who is renowned for his versatile work, for example as part of the Berlin based band The Third Sound. After the Icelander struck camp in his home country and decided to built up a new life in Berlin, he needed more than one output for his overflowing creativity. We recently caught up with him to talk about what’s new and bring you the premiere of new track ‘Into The Setting Sun’.

“I have been recording a new Gunman album on my own for a while now and the album is 90% complete. At first I planned to re-record some of the stuff with other band members but as everything came to an halt I decided to focus on finishing the record. It also helped that I found a sound that I felt really suited those songs which was very encouraging. This first single is a good example of the direction of the whole album. The sound is rawer and more aggressive than on previous releases, and maybe the country influences are slightly less noticeable.”

“It is still uncertain how and when the album will come out and the corona pandemic has not made it easier to figure out. That is why I think it is important to release a single from the album to give people a taste of what is coming and maybe it can also help us figure out plans for releasing the record. It has also been almost 5 years since the last full-length Gunman album came out so it is time.”

The video is made from a footage that was shot in Berlin a while back by Chiara Leuci with help from Antonio D’Orazio (Gunman’s bassist). Chiara then returned to Italy, where she is originally from, and shot more footage and finished the video.

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