June 2020 sees Italian musician Attilio Novellino’s first release on Forwind simply titled Strängar (Strings) features four tracks of piano variants, electronics and electroacoustics.

“Contemporary electronic music seems to need extra-musical meanings and a specific concept to be listened to. This can be claustrophobic at times. For this record I was direct, talking only about the sound aspect and describing the process I followed. In this way I believe I pulled out from the matter all the implicit conceptual potential, without further denotation. The title ‘Strängar’ has a strong connection to the matter, steel of the strings, as well as the sculptures to gypsum in the cover art, both showing that praxis and contemplation cannot be separated. Practical life and contemplative life are coexistent, in the modern era at least”.

First track Strängar 1 is a tune of two parts. Starting with atmospheric electronic noises sounding like footsteps and clockwork, Novellino uses clever stereo technique to bounce the sounds left and right enhancing the nervousness of the piece. Strängar 1 is a clever engineered soundscape of vibrating skittish strings and drawn out synths. Four minutes in and things change. Sythns take over and there’s a more sure footed feel. A calm comes over and the whole track opens up as the synths wander.

Check it out and purchase, here.

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Alternatively purchase the album here when it is released 4th June.