Track: Ready, Steady, Die! – Kiss It

Ready, Steady Die! are a British-American electronic music duo comprising New York-based Morgan Visconti and London-based Sam K. The duo have released the lead single ‘Kiss It’ from their second album ‘Accidents’ on March 11th. 

Ready, Steady Die! explain the inspiration behind the video for ‘Kiss It’:

“We were delighted to work with Director Max Clendaniel, who has a warped and ingenious sense of humour. We worked remotely with him and the animation company Immix. We only came up with the suggestion of erotic shadow puppets and Max scripted the whole storyline. The star, Alan Medcroft truly brought the whole thing to life.

There are so many layers to it:  mankind vs creator, free spirit vs puritanism, human vs mother nature. The lyrics are about the craving for uncomplicated and uninhibited sex. The narrator celebrates their sexuality and licentious attitude. The question it poses is, as the singer is female, does that make the message more palatable and acceptable to hear than if it were sung by a man?”

Tender sweet vocals over deep pulsating bass and a steady drumbeat hide the explosive rock heart of this track and the risque lyrics. It builds into an infectious rock track that’s slick and cool with a genius video to go with it. Meet your new favourite band.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the Duo’s Facebook

Purchase the Album ‘Accidents’ here

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