Track: Young Thug releases ‘That Go!’ feat. Meek Mill and T-Shyne, ahead of forthcoming album Slime Language 2

In keeping with Young Thug’s status as one of the most truly binary artists of the 21st century- it either clicks or it doesn’t- this is an opinion written as quickly as possible. Don’t want to let it sit.

The fuzzy orchestral in the background of latest single ‘That Go!’ gives Meek Mill’s characteristically gritty vocals a real elevation. The transition from Mill to T-Shyne comes with the introduction of a car sample in the background? It’s a song that couches T-Shyne between two artists you know what to expect from, which makes him a safe bet. It’s a situation it’s hard to fail in. That said, sometimes you hear a Young Thug song and you’re not sure which verse is Young Thug, so I was initially guessing. Not a problem you end up having.

Time signature- if applicable- is something that’s just a bit more upbeat than you’d expect. It’s all in the scuzzy keys that mean you can’t settle- busy trying to work out what exactly it is, because it completely changes the decorum of the track.

The verses running Meek/Chorus (T-Shyne)/T-Shyne/Chorus/Thug/Chorus/Thug gives T-Shyne a lot of time on the ears, with three consecutive parts- chorus verse chorus- and it feels like he’s being afforded the space off the back of 2020’s ‘Moncler’ in anticipation of a real run with YSL records. It’s the kind of thing Young Thug’s been doing more and more often recently, where he taps an artist and then gives them the opportunity to familiarise with an audience and cook. Feels like something he’s trying to do here as well.

Check it out, here

Young Thug’s forthcoming album Slime Language 2 is out later in the year via his own Young Stoner Life records.

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