Track: Pavo Pavo – Statue Is A Man Inside

Pavo Pavo
Musical Statues

Pavo Pavo are back with a new track, following up their debut album with the first view of their forthcoming second album.  ‘Statue Is A Man Inside’ is the latest from the unconventional duo’s project.  Oliver Hill is a co-founder of Pavo Pavo and describes the background to the track as “I thought of two marble statues, cracking and bleaching in the sun, maybe with eyes and fingers that can still move like a human being”.  Listen here –

And when the orchestral and choral touches meet the dream-pop soundscapes, it’s like a sun-drenched shoegaze symphony.  The alternating male and female vocals on the verses blend over a distant and indistinct chorus.   Passing by uneasily, like an unexpected shadow moving over these statues on an otherwise empty plaza.

The single is out now.  Look out for the new album on Bella Union or you can also check out the previous album “Young Narrator In The Breakers”.

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