Live Gallery: Romy Headlines the Liberty Hall, Sydney 3.01.2024


Romy, the UK singer, songwriter, and DJ known for her three acclaimed albums with her band The xx, has returned to Australia for two special intimate shows in Eora (Sydney) & Naarm (Melbourne). Tonight I was lucky enough to be at the sold out show at the Liberty Hall in Sydney.

Stella Mozgawa, drummer of the band Warpaint (who co-produced Courtney Barnett’s album ‘Things Take Time, Take Time’) played an extraordinary DJ set, providing a vibrant tone for the evening. Mozgawa produced a masterful blend of eclectic beats and pulsating rhythms, creating an electric atmosphere in anticipation of the headline act, Romy. As the crowd basked in the euphonic journey Stella charted, Romy, made a spontaneous appearance alongside Stella. Also spotted in the crowd was Courtney Barnett.

When Romy took to the stage, her presence was as commanding as the songs she spun from her critically acclaimed album ‘Mid-Air’. The audience, a sea of faces lit by the red glow of the stage, hung onto every word, every chord, as if they were lifelines. She even entered the mosh pit and danced with her fans, much to their delight. It was a night in which for those few hours, Romy wasn’t just performing – she was baring her soul, her music an anthem for the heartbroken, the dreamers, the rebels. And we, the lucky witnesses, were swept away in the riptide of her melodic prowess.

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