News: Glasgow’s Snack Villain Shares New Single ‘Coyote Super Genius’

Glasgow-based multi-instrumentalist Adam Skirving, known by his producer alias Snack Villain, has just released his latest musical creation, ‘Coyote Super Genius’. The instrumental takes listeners on a mesmerising journey, blending elements of smooth jazz and lo-fi electronica/ chillout to create a nostalgic and breezy summer vibe.

Drawing inspiration from ’90s jazz-hop and modern lo-fi, ‘Coyote Super Genius’ combines intricate drum patterns reminiscent of J Dilla’s iconic style with an inventive lo-fi instrumental. The song features layers of ethereal keyboard lines and a laid-back bass that serve as a sonic foundation. However, what truly sets the track apart is the infectious sax lead line, pulling the track forward with a sense of purpose and giving the soundscape a focal point.

When discussing the new single, Snack Villain describes’Coyote Super Genius’ as “A deep dive into smooth jazz sounds, meant to evoke a nostalgic breezy summer’s day. Combining influence from ’90s jazz-hop and modern lo-fi.”

With his wide-ranging musical background, which spans surf to jazz, post-punk to hip-hop, Skirving brings a wealth of experience to his Snack Villain project. It allows him not only to incorporate these diverse influences but also to experiment and reshape them into his own unique take on 90’s chillout.

Listen below:

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