Track: Matt Berry releases psychedelic gem ‘Abroad’ alongside album details

Matt Berry has celebrated a decade being signed with groundbreaking, eclectic record label Acid Jazz, as well as marking his subsequent album, via his new single ‘Abroad’. The ever-prolific musician/actor released his highly acclaimed ‘Phantom Birds’ album just last year – arguably his greatest yet – and the follow-up will be released later this year. With this new record, Berry explores his fondness for psychedelia.

New track ‘Abroad’ epitomises these psychedelic, boundless musical flourishes in a stark contrast to the folk stylings of ‘Phantom Birds’. The short but unfurling wonderment of this instrumental feels entirely refreshing and nuanced, even for the freewheeling Berry. The track revolves around a loose and euphoric piano arrangement, and even looser, dynamic drumming accompaniment, supplied by the neo-progressive Craig Blundell – the veteran, highly in-demand drummer who played on ‘Phantom Birds’. ‘Abroad’ is a veritable burst of hypnotic, 60’s inspired, psychedelia-decadent ecstasy.

‘Blue Elephant’ was recorded during the Summer of 2020, with Matt Berry (aside from the drums) once again playing the wide array of instruments, this time including guitars, bass, a variety of keyboards and synthesizers (piano, Wurlitzer, mellotron, Moog, Hammond, Vox and Farfisa organs). The album sees him flexing his artistic joints further still, frolicking through an idiosyncratically British love of Psych, Freakbeat, Acid Rock and late ‘60s pop with his usual magnificent gusto and artistic prowess. Berry explores themes surrounding today’s close scrutiny in all of its bewildering, objectifying and unnerving experiences on a stirring conceptual release – a psych masterpiece showing his boundless artistic leaps in this milestone of his music career.

‘Blue Elephant’ is released on Acid Jazz Records on May 5th, pre-order here.

Track listing:
1. Aboard

2. Summer Sun

3. Safe Passage

4. Now Disappear

5. Alone

6. Invisible

7. Blues Inside Me (Feat. Rosie McDermott)

8. I Cannot Speak

9. The Blue Elephant

10. Life Unknown

11. Safer Passage

12. Like Stone

13. Story Told

14. Forget Me

15. Now Disappear (Again)

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