I’ve admittedly slept on Ohio experimental hip-hop artist Eugenius when his album, Midlife, dropped in late 2020. Which is criminal given my appreciation of Death Grips, the sorely missed MF Doom and Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition.

Originally released in October, Eugenius’ fifth album “combines elements of hip hop, industrial, pop, noise and punk.” I even detected a sample from what I can only believe to be the loading process of a dot matrix printer (which lead to re-listening to The User’s Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers.)

Akin to the darker moments of hip hop from the examples given, the breadth of influences should have a similar crossover appeal that Saul Williams experienced with the release of 2007’s The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!

Indeed, such has been the popularity of Midlife that Friend Club Records announced earlier this month that the release would make its way onto a limited run of 50 silver cassette tapes. Which, as of writing, have almost sold out.

Midlife is out now digitally through Friend Club Records.

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