TRACK: This Morn’ Omina release “1.000 Cuts (Lingh Chi)”

Belgian tribal industrial; three words that will undoubtedly pique your interest or have you wondering “what on earth is that?”

But Belgian collective This Morn’ Omina rightfully summarise their output well with those three words and head of the release of their album, The Roots of Saraswati, have unveiled their newest single.

Infectiously groove-laden, embracing sounds more accustomed to the world music movement and amalgamating them with the more unwelcoming elements of euro-house, “1.000 Cuts (Lingh Chi)” is one of those coldwave tracks that is reminiscent to the “Superclub” anthems during their heydays.

You know the track type – it lifts you up, then it brings you back down until it lifts you all the way up again. It feels like a suite rather than just the one song.

Primal would be another great way to describe it. But incontrovertibly “1.000 Cuts (Lingh Chi) is something you will find yourself coming back to and sharing with sonic explorers alike.

The broadening of the group’s musical horizon lays with the replacement of member Karolus Leroq by Canadian drummer/electro-musician Scott Fox (of IVARDENSPHERE fame), “increasing compositional depth and a darker atmosphere” compared to previous releases.

There is an emphasis with The Roots of Saraswati on the tribal heart of Belgians, scaling back the more psych-trance influences that radiated across previous albums including 2017’s Kundalini Rising.

It is riviting and I eagerly await to hear more from the album out in March.

The Roots of Saraswati is released through Dependent from March 26th 2021 on CD, Artbook and digitally.

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