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The Breakdown

...A strange and wonderful world of music painted on a sonic canvas in layers of vibrant colours...

“How does it feel to reminisce? That was something I wanted to try to capture in soundwaves. I tend to reminisce a lot. About the good and bad parts in the past, and everything in between. I try to remember which specific parts in my life made me who I am today. Thinking about those events is going to make me feel a certain way, and i wanted to try to convert these feelings into songs……

Check out the sound:

….Reminiscing to me, is also a very visual experience in my head. So I decided to take sounds that were close to me from the past and make something cinematic that still works as a full song. I’ve been using a lot of granulated sounds, which is almost like a shattered memory reconstructed into a new one, as your feelings can change recovering the same memory. So you can close your eyes and go on your own reminiscing journey, discovering loads of layers weaved through these soundwaves.”
Sam A La Bamalot

Verdict: A strange and wonderful world of music painted on a sonic canvas in layers of vibrant colours. Beats crunch through swirling melodies, as you swim in waves of reverb and distorted tape loops. Complex and abstract soundscapes perfectly blended with Bass Music style percussion make this multilayered trip one you’ll want to take again and again. Track it down.


A1 – Dwelling

A2 – Rupture

A3 – Recollections

A4 – Carefree

A5 – Absent

B1 – Inharmonious

B2 – Family

B3 – Better Days

B4 – Self Image

Limited edition of 200 copies.


Sam A La Bamalot (

Reminisce (Final-50) —

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