Track: Mikaila Murphy Delivers Infectious, Sultry & Witty New Xmas Single ‘Ho Ho Ho’

What’s the most sexual Christmas song you’ve ever heard? I can guarantee that if you listen to the link at the bottom of this feature that the new single from Mikaila Murphy will be it.

Packed with witty Christmas-centric innuendos, the track is infectiously fun and witty but still packs a punch with infectious ear-worm vocal lines and a bright, dance-pop soundscape with punching four to the floor beats and bright synths creating a soundscape full of commercial appeal. As the track develops, lyrics dripping with sexualised humour, the drums pick up steam, gradually building as a deep bouncing sub bass enters, emphasising the dance elements of the track.

Breezy, catchy but more importantly great fun, Mikaila once again showcases her unique messages of body confidence on a track with a shimmering humour and a shimmering pop appeal.

Listen below:

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