Premiere: Hannah Stone Shines On New Single ‘Bad News Bears’

Coastal New Jersey indie-rocker, Hannah Stone, returns with the infectious latest single, ‘Bad News Bears’. We’re very excited to be running the premiere!

Captivating audiences with her angsty and brooding brand of alt-pop, Stone has been steadily unraveling more layers of her musical identity, blending emotive songwriting with vibrant, effortlessly cool indie-rock tones. The new single continues this trend in style with a boxy, tight soundscape of crunching guitar tones, muted drums, grounding bass and subtle synths. Topped with Stone’s stylistic, husky and effortlessly captivating lead vocal, the track displays an effortless cool edge whilst retaining a sense of energy as well as some earworm, melodic vocal melodies.

Sitting between the alt-rock sound of early albums by The Strokes and the story telling, melancholic songwriting of Phoebe Bridgers, the result is a gorgeously constructed indie soundscape.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, Stone shares, “This song is about caring for someone dealing with addiction, and acknowledging that you can’t save them. It’s a hard lesson I’ve had to learn more than once–giving someone up so you don’t give up on yourself.”

Raw and exciting yet strikingly professional, ‘Bad News Bears’ is a brilliant example of how a saturated genre like indie-rock can still be fresh and exciting.

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