Track: Melbourne trio J4 exude bright rays of sunshine from their exuberant debut single ‘Try to be Cool’.

Do you remember that fantastic single ‘Steal My Sunshine‘ by Len? An utterly brilliant and joyous track that brought – and still brings – a smile to the dial. The debut single ‘Try To Be Cool’ from Melbourne trio J4 imports that same carefree joie de vivre: it’s a catchy uplifting and jaunty tune that positively exudes brilliant rays of blinding sunshine. Traces of the B52s and fellow locals Confidence Man can be detected in the genetic code. The band admits getting the song together was a simple process:

We use first takes of everything, so we don’t overcomplicate lyrics or the way we’re playing. We’re not trying to be perfect; we’re just trying to get it out.

Born out of lockdown, the result is something that feels straight from the heart: full of untrammeled joy and melody, and utterly cathartic. The dual male/female vocals, the call and response mode and layered harmonies all merge to create a pulse-quickening vibe with a self-deprecatory sense of humour.

The accompanying video featuring the uber cool Banjo is as simple and joyous and just as, to coin an uniquely Australian phrase, daggy as the song:

This is an absolutely brilliant and stunning debut (hopefully not a one-off like Len) and can be downloaded and streamed through all the usual sites. An EP is on the way too, which will be something to look forward to.

The band cites Peep Show and The Mighty Boosh as major influences, indicating their inherent sense of humour which is positively refreshing. They are very new – go and show them some love on their socials here.

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