News: ‘Glen Campbell – Ghost on the Canvas Sessions’ announced with the achingly beautiful single ‘Long Walk Home’ released, featuring the iconic Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star)

Feature Photograph: Kii Arens

I confess I had something in my eye when I heard the new single ‘Long Walk Home’ featuring a duet with the late legendary Glen Campbell and the majestic Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star.

It’s a track from the Glen Campbell Duets – Ghost on the Canvas Sessions project (arriving April 19) from Big Machine Records and Surfdog Records, creating a unique take on the poignant song written by Campbell and Julian Raymond about his journey with Alzheimer’s and reconciliation with his mortality.

Nearly seven years after Campbell succumbed to the disease, ‘Glen Campbell – Ghost on the Canvas Sessions’ brings together Campbell’s past collaborators, friends and admirers (who are legends in their own right) to create a one-of-a-kind tribute to Glen and his emotional album.

It’s the first posthumously-created duets album which re-imagines Campbell’s critically acclaimed, farewell album

Shared producer and co-writer Julian Raymond says of the track:

Glen and I listened to a couple of different Mazzy Star songs while we were preparing to record the Meet Glen Campbell album and after listening to ‘Mary of Silence’ he said ‘I can’t do better than that,’” . He greatly admired Hope’s talent. Her vocal on ‘The Long Walk Home’ is just stunning and beautiful, you really feel the emotion of the song.

it is indeed something quite beautiful and ethereal and a fitting tribute to Campbell. Sandoval says

It’s been a great honor to have been invited to sing with Glen on this stunning song, ‘The Long Walk Home,’ His voice is captivatingly beautiful. He is by far one of the best Country music artists and vocalists of all time.

Her voice is as always captivating and ethereal, and the story behind the song adds a heart rending poignancy.

The single is out now and can be downloaded and streamed here.

The album is produced by Dave Kaplan and Julian Raymond and executive produced by Scott Borchetta and Scott Seine and you can pre-order here.

‘Glen Campbell Duets – Ghost on the Canvas Sessions’ Track List:

  1. “There’s No Me… Without You (with Carole King)”
  2. “Ghost On The Canvas (with Sting)”
  3. “Hold On Hope (with Eric Church)”
  4. “The Long Walk Home (with Hope Sandoval)”
  5. “Nothing But The Whole Wide World (with Eric Clapton)”
  6. “In My Arms (with Brian Setzer)”
  7. “A Better Place (with Dolly Parton)”
  8. “Strong (with Brian Wilson)”
  9. “A Thousand Lifetimes (with Linda Perry)”
  10. “It’s Your Amazing Grace (with Daryl Hall & Dave Stewart)”
  11. “Any Trouble (with X)”
  12. “I’m Not Gonna Miss You (with Elton John)”

Feature Photograph: Kii Arens

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