Tijuana based duo Mint Field have released the second track to come from debut album Pasar De Las Luces this week; ‘Quiero Otoño de Nuevo’.

Speaking about the new track, the girls said “this was a song we wrote on the studio, we had the principal idea, we had the lyrics but we didn’t have the song finished and ready to record. We put everything together in the studio, was a beautiful and fun process. Our producer, Chris, heard us and he told me, “We have to record this song and I´ll make sure it sounds just like your t-shirt!”, I was wearing a Neu! shirt. This track is about the horizon, shadows and how infinite they are.”

Quiero Otoño de Nuevo is an edgy track features layers of hazy guitars and motorik drumming before swirling vocals which remain out of focus come into play. The intoxicating mix is reminiscent of krautrock greats Neu! blended with the soothing indie tones of Warpaint.

Pre-order: https://mintfieldil.bandcamp.com/album/pasar-de-las-luces