Album Review: Select All Delete Save As – ‘Ultra Cultura’

Just when I thought I’d figured out ‘Ultra Cultura’, the new album by Select All Delete Save As, it continued to throw curveballs left, right and centre. Constantly exciting, always involving and brilliantly put together this is an album that makes each listen rewarding for multiple reasons. Achieving that is one thing but making this appeal to fans of multiple genres makes it stand out even more.

Balancing the fine line between the familiar and the new, each listener is going to find something that appeals to them that has them hooked. For me it was the way that the guitar intertwines with the different vocals on each track. But whatever it is that hooks you in, this is an album that encourages discussion, ensuring that it will always reveal new aspects that will make repeat listens a necessity. On the surface it’s a hugely enjoyable album but when taken into deeper consideration it becomes so much more.


When some music releases feel too polished and devoid of all soul, listening to this album you can feel the creativeness behind it, the personal touch of the production that went into it and the overall passion for the music. With every track being different to the rest, some may criticize it for feeling like a compilation, but the links between the songs that have been carefully constructed by the two key members Antony Walker & Terry Emm make it feel like a whole album that has been put together with care and successfully divided into chapters.

It’s refreshing to say with confidence that Select All Delete Save As are a band that know exactly what they’re doing. Their music style is varied but fulfilling in every category and the lyrical content covers both intellectual and enjoyable ground. The album as a whole is one that draws you in and keeps you, and in the process engages you to do what most albums fail at, which is embracing the elements of discovery and re-discovery.


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