Track: Swimsuit Issue announce news of album and release soaring anthemic single ‘The Feeling’

Sunshine Coast band Swimsuit Issue pinned back our collective ears earlier this year with the thundering and visceral track ‘Addict’ (reviewed by me here). Now they are back with the announcement of their debut album for release later in 2021 and a new single, ‘The Feeling’.

‘The Feeling’ considerably pumps on the brakes and shows the band has has many arrows in their quiver: this is a restrained and shimmering track, melodic and nuanced. A whistled riff adds a summery sheen and an indelible spark. This is a gorgeous, atmospheric track that surprises with sonic changes and complexities: pure pop mastery:

‘The Feeling’ shows Swimsuit Issue is no one trick pony, and the album will be something to look forward to. The single is available on all major download sites.

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