SEE: Wallis Bird releases video for current single ‘What’s Wrong with Changing?’

Irish singer Wallis Bird in a red jacket
Credit: Wallis Bird

Irish born and Berlin based Wallis Bird has released a video for her current single ‘What’s Wrong with Changing?’, the first track to be taken from her forthcoming album Hands due out on 27th May 2022.
Whoever is the editor of the video deserves a massive round of applause! The idea to chop and change various characters and different locations in perfect time to the beat is such a simple but complex idea. Wallis plays all the roles and it begins with boxing stances before moving into choreographed moves all beautifully sequenced together. The song is autobiographical and as it progresses the characters become a mishmash of each other. The video complements the rhythm of the track and it is simply mesmerising to watch Wallis appear to effortlessly move from one role to the next. And as the track progresses the choreography references the lyrics and you are hooked on the visuals and the beat.

Wallis expands on the inspiration behind the track:
The song is about the milestones of my life: living in London, getting to know other cultures as a young person, to Ireland breaking free from State and Church and voting in gay marriage in such a stark Catholic Country. In my short life there have been huge changes and social structures have been dissolved and I have said over and over: what is wrong with changing, there is nothing in this world that is not changing, so I think let’s move with the change.” 

For more information on Wallis Bird check out facebook and website.
What’s Wrong With Changing? is the first track from the forthcoming LP Handsscheduled for release on 27th May 2022.

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