News: Supergroup The Ronson Hangup (featuring members of Dallas Crane, The Church, Paul Kelly’s band, Even, Courtney Barnett’s band) announce album and unveil single ‘Waxes & Wanes’.

Melbourne psych-pop supergroup The Ronson Hangup – featuring members of The Anyones, Dallas Crane, The Church, Even, Paul Kelly’s band and Courtney Barnett’s band – have announced their second album ‘Centaurus’ due for release on 3 November 2023, and unveiled a single. ‘Waxes & Wanes’ as a taste of what’s to come.

‘Waxes & Wanes’ has delicate layers of intricate guitars interplaying and glorious interweaving vocal harmonies from founding members Steve Pinkerton (The Anyones, Dallas Crane) and Ashley Naylor (Even, The Church, Paul Kelly’s band). There is a sixties folk jingle jangle at the edges of the track with and a melancholic burnish. The rest of the band includes Courtney Barnett’s drummer Dave Mudie, Luke Thomas on Bass (The Saints, The Pictures) and Erica Menting (The Golden Rail).

The result is something that recalls long hot lazy summer afternoons and the hazy fugue that can settle in after bacchanalian midday excess. It’s gentle and reflective, a laid back and enigmatic piece that shimmers like stars in the firmament. There’s a little bit of Simon & Garfunkel, a little bit of The Hollies with a little antipodean grit.

The accompanying video is a simple but effective performance piece that captures the enigmatic interplay between the singers wielding sparkling guitars:

The ‘Centaurus’ album launch will take place on Saturday, December 2 at the Workers Club in Melbourne and you can order the album below. The new album was partly recorded with the legendary Wayne Connolly at Head Gap Studios and mixed at Albert Studios while the remainder was recorded and mixed by Steve at his home studio.

The group’s name is a tip of the hat to Mick Ronson from David Bowie’s Spiders from Mars band in the 70’s. The sound is ’60s-’90s rock inspired; sort of The Hollies meets The Stone Roses via Simon & Garfunkel, Zeppelin, Bowie and Cheap Trick, and echoes of both The Anyones and Even abound.

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