Film Review: Tiger 24

When people talk about global warming and the climate crisis the focus is normally on extreme weather events, the melting of the ice caps or rising sea levels. However, our environmental vandalism has countless dangerous and potentially disastrous impacts on our way of life. While we in the West may not witness them regularly first hand, many millions of people around the world certainly do. Forest fires, flooding, droughts and habitat erosion are becoming commonplace.

While tigers are powerful and beautiful creatures, humans have hunted them down to dangerous levels. In India, there are over fifty protected tiger reserves. These conservation areas give the creatures space to live in the ‘wild’ while providing a buffer zone from the local communities. However, when a tiger kills a man who enters his territory, it is declared a maneater and locked up, sparking an outcry. Tiger 24 tells the story.

Filmmaker Warren Pereira found himself in the middle of a storm while he was filming a documentary about the tigers. Picking up the breaking story and analysing it from every angle. As usual, it’s a case of humans encroaching on a predator’s territory which causes problems and yet the blame is attributed to an animal simply following his instincts. In fairness, environmentalists must also get buy-in from the local villagers, which makes a solution complicated. As natural habitats shrink, Tiger 24 asks a number of searching questions about how we treat this planet.  

Tiger 24 has a limited theatrical run in the US beginning on 30 September followed by a North American VOD release on 15 November.

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