See: Young Knives Reveal new video for Sheep Tick

Young Knives, brothers Henry Dartnall and The House of Lords have announced their fifth album, and first in seven years since 2013’s acclaimed Sick Octave., and ahead of it they’ve released a video for lead single Sheep Trick.

A mixture of synth-pop and indie rock along with elements of post-punk and krautrock, it’s almost chanted at some point, his this gloriously weird chorus and a good measure of huge riffs thrown in alongside swathes of synths, as Young Knives draw you into their strange, unsettling world and make you fall in love with it.

Check out the accompanying video, about which Henry says “Music videos are awful and we wanted to lean into that. The idea behind this one was to make a video that you couldn’t have pitched. We just started shooting without knowing what it was, our goal to make it as baffling and entertaining as possible. Weirdly, the great thing is that some of the video started to make sense with the song after we had finished it: House’s goblin character is the voice inside that tells you how worthless you are, and you have to make peace with him. Most of it doesn’t make any sense though.”

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