See: Ping Pong Disco reveal new video for Ridiculous Drug

Debut Single and accompanying video from Hornsey Based Ping Pong Disco


Its not often you come across something that slightly disturbs you but also keeps you hooked till the closing chords and Ping Pong Disco have certainly managed that with their debut single released on their own Dundee Sushi Label.

They say they have a 3 step rule write it in ten minutes, play it again and see if they can remember it then record it. It sounds simple right, but make no mistake there nothing simple about this track.

The track stirs up echoes of an outtake track from an 80`s Bowie album mixed with the Happy Mondays and some really clever dark disco samples with some great bass lines thrown in the mix.

The video for Ridiculous Drug is a very strange affair but compulsive viewing, telling the tale of when a baby met a duck who met a rabbit who met a pig, the band all wearing muggers masks and cross filmed under a flyover and some dingy rehearsal room in North London.

Im really looking forward to more from Ping Pong Disco and in fact an album KISS ( Keep it Simple For The Stupids) is currently under construction and hopefully will be with us sometime later this year.

For a debut single this works and the bar is set high for new material to follow this, but if Ping Pong Disco  can pull out an album as good as Ridiculous Drug it will be a corker.

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