Premiere: Infinity Broke release ‘Dragon’s Breath’: a fiery, passionate, anthemic delight.

Infinity Broke, with a breath of fresh air forcefully expelled, cleared out our collective cobwebs with their last single ‘Death of a Tourist’ (premiered by us in May). We are again honoured to be able to premiere their follow up single ‘Dragon’s Breath’: a track with slightly less propulsion but just as much impact.

Highly influenced by singer/songwriter Jamie Hutchings’s brother Scott’s obsession with Duran Duran as a young lad and, more contemporaneously, his contributed guitar riffs, ‘Dragon’s Breath’ pulls back on the reigns ever so slightly, but remains a dynamic, thrumming track filled with pace and slamming rhythms. Hutchings explains:

The main guitar riffs on this one came from Scott’s fingers, he sent them to me and then I arranged it, adding lyrics and working on the rhythm section. When we were kids and Scott was in his early days at high school he had a bit of an obsession with Duran Duran. I heard them a lot whether I liked it or not! Some of it I didn’t take to, but some of  it did. Even at that tender age the bass really stuck out; John Taylor is a bit of a marvel at the sinister disco groove. So despite my suspicions when the noughties indie ’80’s revival movement first took place, I caved on this one. Perhaps finally enough time has passed for me to appreciate some of the music that previously traumatised me.

What ever the professed inspirations, ‘Dragon’s Breath’ stands out on its own: a breathless exposition and almost bagpipe trill to the guitars lend an anthemic and imperious stature to the song. The jangling guitars ring out over the top of the insistent clattering percussive beats and the band has created a sound that is exciting and unique. An angular tabula rasa filled with passion, enigma and hyperactivity.

Hutchings says that thematically, the song is about survival: when feel you’re done for but you manage to walk away with just a little bit of your hair singed.

His voice has an urgency and passion that adds dynamism and sparkle as he sings defiantly say haha to the Dragon’s breath:

‘Dragon’s Breath’ will be available from tomorrow (1 July 2021) through all the usual download/streaming sites or through the link above. Another exciting and innovative band at the forefront of the Marrickville Sound.

‘Dragon’s Breath’ is off Infinity Broke’s forthcoming album ‘Your Dream My Jail’. Written and recorded across the globe from South America to the surrounds of a Marrickville studio with Tim Whitten (The Necks, Crow, Underground Lovers, Bluebottle Kiss) at the helm, on the evidence presented thus far, it’s going to be an exciting journey without seatbelts or a map but full of innovation and creativity.

‘Your Dream, My Jail’ credits:

Scott Hutchings: Drums, backing vocals, handclaps, left speaker guitar on ‘Dragon’s Breath’ and ‘The Slide’
Reuben Wills: Bass, backing vocals, handclaps, musical saw
Jamie Hutchings: Vocals, guitar, percussion, keyboards, vibraphone
Produced by Jamie Hutchings
Recorded by Simon Berckelman at Golden Retriever April 2020
Mixed by Tim Whitten
Mastered by Douglas Henderson (Swans, The Necks, Antony and the Johnsons) at Micro Moose Berlin

Feature Photograph: Mark Moldre

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