Track: Death By Unga Bunga – Not Like The Others

Norwegian rockers ‘Death By Unga Bunga’ are back with new track ‘Not Like The Others’

Behind all the swagger and the loud guitars, the band tell a story of feeling different, of not fitting in: “There’s a place for every misfit in this stupid world, even though it might not always seem that way. You’re more than welcome to hang with us!”. For over a decade, Death By Unga Bunga have supplied their own blend of punchy rock and roll, joyful power pop, and wavy psychedelia that reels you in and doesn’t let go. Formed in Moss, Norway, in 2007 and taking their name from the title of an album by legnedary garage-punk band The Mummies, the band have since released 5 albums and numeours EP and have toured around the world many times over.

Great lyrical phrasing and tasty guitar lead work, mark this track out as a bit of special power pop-punk. The drums propel this track along at just the right amount of toe tapping energy. Mix that with a catchy sing along chorus and we have one hell of a song.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band on their Website or Facebook

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