See: Pearl Jam release new video for ‘Retrograde’

Seattle Alternative Rock legends, Pearl Jam, have recently released a music video to accompany their tune ‘Retrograde’. This song taken from their most recent album, ‘Gigatron’. The video is accessible on YouTube. 
The tune itself is Classic Pearl Jam, that begins with acoustic guitar nods to the Byrds and Neil Young, transforming into a hook driven chorus. Eddie Vedder and co are at searing heights on this tune, giving it their absolute all. This song has elements of Baroque Rock, reminiscent of the more symphonic outings of Led Zeppelin and R.E.M. 
Despite the warning to mankind message of the song and the video, there is a feeling of warmth and togetherness. This feels like a massive future live anthem waiting in the wings.
The animated video of Retrograde is beautifully rendered by director Josh Wakely, the animation unique, artistically colourful and striking. It depicts a lone traveller visiting a psychic, played by Greta Thunberg the climate change activist. Our leading man gazes into a crystal ball, witnessing future visions of ecological destruction on a global scale as the oceans of the world swamp major cities, including the band’s stomping ground of Seattle. The band feature as animated versions of themselves, stepping out of Tarot cards. It’s a powerful video for a powerful song, with a message that speaks to us all.

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