Track: Orlando Weeks – Milk Breath

‘Milk Breath’ is the third single taken from the former Maccabees front mans debut solo album – ‘A Quickening’ Due Out 12th June On Play It Again Sam.

“This is about watching my son sleep,” Weeks says. “When you’ve rocked him for 45 minutes and finally the wriggling has stopped and the muscles have relaxed and you put him down in slow motion and then stand, without breathing for another 20 minutes praying that he’s asleep.” In these moments, the singer says, “A cracked twig in the street below is like a slammed cutlery drawer. A car alarm half a mile away might as well be in the room with you. But your baby is asleep and at peace and slowly you are too.”

Any track featuring Week’s unique voice will always grab attention. Couple that voice with soft piano and gentle horns and the combination has you envisaging a tender moment in the early days of a father/son relationship. Gently singing “You’re a beginner, I’m a beginner too” before returning to the disarming and direct refrain, “My son, my son”, which hums like an incantation that is both assertive and unbelieving; “you’re so new I, still forget sometimes, that I’ve got you.” 

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Album Track listing:
1. Milk Breath

2. Blood Sugar

3. Safe In Sound

4. St. Thomas

5. Takes A Village

6. Moon’s Opera

7. All The Things

8. Blame Or Love Nothing

9. None Too Tough

10. Summer Clothes

11. Dream

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