Premiere: Tankus The Henge reveal new video for God, Oil, Money

Tankus the Henge are to release a new single – god, oil, money, ahead of their new album ’Luna Park!’ out on December 4th and we’re delighted to premiere the video for the track right here today on Backseat Mafia. Out digitally and as a 7” vinyl release, 50% of proceeds from the latter will go directly to “The Flying Seagull Project“, a charity who provide theatrical and circus based entertainment in refugee camps across Europe.

The track, which focuses on beating bigotry is described by frontman Jaz Delorean “We wanted to write a song for the times, for everyone to sing; a noisy, chaotic anthem you can launch out of your heart and hear it echoed back from countless different voices. This is not a time to be building walls, but breaking them down and building bridges with the debris. Living in a gloriously multicultural land should be celebrated daily, and the question “where are you really from?” often hurts more than people give away, as it doesn’t achieve anything. The important thing is we are all here, now, and we can be community together, and stronger for it.”

The track is this swirling, brass heavy slab of indie rock, that barrels you along with these immediate melodies and singalong chorus, sitting somewhere between Sgt. Pepper and XTC. As it unfurls and become even more bawdy, with New Orleans jazz breaking out in the accompaniments along with guitar screaches, if it doesn’t leave a smile on your face, despite the serious nature of the lyrics, there’s something seriously amiss.

Of the brilliant accompanying video, directed by Ashley Lawrence and guitarist Tim Fulker, the band say “We reached out to fans of the band to come and take part in this community-based video, and sing the song on camera after being filmed hearing it for the first time. Some of our participants who responded to our casting call were seeing people for the only time since March, so the emotional video resonates with the messages of neighbourliness.”

Check it out, here

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