Track: NEWMOON – Head of Stone

It’s about time you were introduced to NEWMOON. Having formed in late 2013, this dreamy pop group have toured with bands all across Europe, as well as releasing their debut EP Invitation to Hold. They’re set to release their debut album this Autumn and have shared a new song, ‘Head Of Stone’, ahead of its release.

From first listen, you’ll realise ‘Head Of Stone’ is not a song that you’ll hear at a ruckus party, but rather, listen to on your way back home in the dead of night. The guitars in its intro give the illusion of a loud rock tune but the song’s power is held in the atmospheric vocals that transcend above the noise.

The video is shot in black and white, with added slow motion, making it feel as though you’re in a dream, watching a band play out of sync with what you can hear. It’s a simple video, but effective, enhancing the surreal vibes created with the powerful soundscapes and soft vocals.

NEWMOON’s debut album, titled Space, is due to be released on 14th October 2016 (via PIAS recordings).

Watch ‘Head of Stone’ below:

Pre-order Space [HERE].

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