TRACK: New South Whales – Bending at the Knee

The four band members of These New South Whales
Credit: Lawrence McCrab

Melbourne punk outfit These New South Whales have released their new single ‘Bending at the Knee’, their first release in 2022. Recently signed to Damaged Goods Records, These New South Whales sold-out all four dates within 24 hours at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival earlier this year for their hit podcast, What A Great Punk.

Bending at the Knee‘ is a snarling call to arms. Its sits at the darker end of their range, with its calculated rage full of reverbing stress fuelled guitar and vocals which are wild and at times perfectly off key.

Frontman Jamie Timony expands on the song-writing process:
This song came together very quickly in the rehearsal room one night.. Frank started drumming along psychotically to Will’s honkin’ bassline and we were off! I immediately felt like kicking a wheelie bin over—that’s when ya know it’s a good one. It’s also probably the most fun song to play live in our set, I reckon.

I was channeling the confusion and frustration I’d been feeling the last couple of years—I was kinda gobsmacked at the willingness of some to trust the government all of a sudden; albeit in a time of a crisis.

What happened to rage against the machine?!”

However not only are These New South Whales one of Australia’s most revered punk acts. They also make ground-breaking comedy TV, which they star in. Real band on stage, real band on record, deeply funny parody of a toiling band on screen which NME called “The punk Flight of the Conchords”.

Also their aforementioned hit podcast What A Great Punk — an earnest, hilarious fly-on-the-wall interview series — has become a Monday-morning ritual for its devoted followers.

And there’s still more! With the release of their new talk show-style comedy series TNSW Tonight! adding to an on-screen presence that already boasts two seasons of their cult Comedy Central mockumentary, These New South Whales has matured into a project like no other. What began as a gag has evolved into something utterly unique: a multidisciplinary artistic universe.

For more information on These New South Whales check out their website and twitter.

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