Video of the Day: Little Death Machine – Velvet Skin

In early September we brought you the smack-in-the-face first single from London’s Little Death Machine. Following on from the attention-grabbing simplicity of the “Hit Me” light show comes “Velvet Skin” a disturbing black and white horror story.  Our music-makers Daniel and Clare are blindfolded and bound, kept prisoner in a sparsely-furnished flat in a dilapidated warehouse-conversion. So far so disturbing. Then it turns out they’re being held by a psycho masquerading as a bespectacled Matt Berninger, who takes them up to the roof. I won’t explain what happens there, or the implements he uses – that might rob our video of the day of some of its impact… The track itself provides a well-matched accompaniment to this nightmare – shifting drums and jangling cymbals, pounding discordant keyboards and distorted taunting vocals. Don’t watch this before bedtime…

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