Track: Phoebe Willo Shares The Emotive and Infectious New Single ‘4am’

Pop up and comer Phoebe Willo shines on the emotive and honest new single ‘4am’. Released off the back of her last single ‘Lost in the Music’ and the success of the crowd funding campaign that raised over $30,000, Phoebe once again demonstrates her impactful songwriting and ability to craft fluorescent melodic hooks.

Balancing its emotional impact with a shimmering commercial appeal, ‘4am’ is a fine example of pop writing. Built around warming piano chords, subtle strings and Willo’s elegant, silky, breathy lead vocals which take centre stage with a elegant sense of sincerity as Phoebe treads through the ups and downs of a break up. As the track grows introducing driving drums and layers of beautifully selected synth sounds, the understated yet hugely impactful chorus shines bright as the spotless production highlights the impact of songwriting.

Speaking about how the track came about, Phoebe shares:

“I wrote the song when I was up at 4am one morning, it is a song about regret, a missed opportunity, a relationship that could perhaps have developed had I tried a bit harder.”

Music Gateway’s Director of Artist Services Andy Parker stated:

“From the second we first heard Phoebe we were blown away. Here was an authentic independent artist whose songs needed to be heard, and we have supported her in her journey ever since. When the SongBits opportunity came up, we knew this was a chance for Phoebe’s talent to shine and a brilliant way for her to raise much needed funds for future promotion. We couldn’t be happier with the success of the campaign and we’re now gearing up to promote her forthcoming new single ‘4am’.”

A brilliant new single which showcases yet more of the potential Phoebe Willo possesses, ‘4am’ is a wonderful piece of pop writing, possessing just as much depth and emotion as it does commercial appeal.

Listen below:

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